Iranian 6% Short of Weapons-Grade Enriched Uranium

Israeli PM and other national security figures have reportedly engaged in five secret meetings on the Iranian nuclear crisis in the last week, issuing statements to the US and France that if Western powers aren’t willing to check Iranian ambition, Israel will not hesitate to strike. Netanyahu promised to do “everything in his power” to prevent Iranian nukes.

Although Israel always has an eye on Iran, their level of preparedness has reportedly jumped in recent weeks, especially since a nuclear watchdog reported February 19th that Iran has reached 84% uranium enrichment. This marks a considerable jump from the previously reported 60% and leaves a gap of just 6% till the uranium will be weapons-grade.

Israel has historically been a major deterrent for nuclear-ambitious countries, including Libya and Iraq.

Please pray for wisdom and preparedness for Israeli military leaders and fighters. Please pray for international cooperation against Iran. Lastly, please pray for peace and protection over the region.

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