Iran Files Complaint Against Israel

In a bizarre twist, Iran filed a complaint against Israel with the UN Security Council. The complaint argues that Israel is making false allegations against Iran’s “peaceful” nuclear program. Iranian UN envoy Majid Takht-Ravanchi said, “[Israel] is desperately trying to portray our peaceful nuclear program as a threat.” He also said that, “Israel was intensifying its provocative rhetoric and its war mongering against Iran, and plans to to carry out its belligerent threats”. Last month, Israel’s UN Envoy Gilad Erdan detailed the dangers Iran poses to the international community in a speech at the UN. Additionally, Israeli Chief of Staff Aviv Kochavi spoke against Teheran and the 2015 Nuclear Deal in his address to the Institute for National Security Studies in January. Israel has taken preemptive strikes against Iran’s nuclear advancement, and has gathered proof that Iran has plans to make a nuclear weapon. Please continue to pray that the Lord will frustrate Iran’s nuclear ambitions. Please also pray that the world will take the threat of a nuclear-armed Iran seriously!

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