Iran Capable of Producing Nuclear Weapon

An American nuclear specialist warned in an interview published this week that Iran has enough enriched uranium to create as many as seven nuclear bombs within the next half year. Its stockpile of enriched uranium, officially 60% enriched but likely closer to 85% according to a March inspection, could be enriched to bomb grade in about 12 days, putting it on the path to its first bomb within a month.

Unfortunately, the Iranian nuclear centrifuges are deep underground, reportedly beyond the ability of American bunker missiles which are designed for underground strikes. This poses a serious setback in taking military action against ambitious Iran.  Reportedly, the US is attempting to pressure Israel to accept an Iran nuclear deal similar to the 2015 nuclear deal which Israel vigorously opposed, in exchange for a US-brokered peace treaty between Israel and Saudi Arabia.

Israeli officials commented on Iranian nuclear ambitions several times in the last months, more than once implying that Israel may choose to strike the nuclear facilities pre-emptively, even without US support. This move would likely lead to a regional war.

Please pray for the immediate obstruction of the Iranian nuclear program. Please pray for peace! Lastly, please pray for wisdom for Israeli and American leaders and their allies in responding to this threat.

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