Influential Anonymous Vote at Knesset

An anonymous vote at the Knesset Wednesday morning could determine the fate of the long-debated judicial reform compromise. The Knesset will decide which two MKs will represent it in the Judicial Appointment Committee, the makeup of which has proved one of the stickiest clauses of the reform bill. Traditionally, a coalition lawmaker fills one seat, while the opposition fills the second. However, many coalition MKs are reluctant to appoint a member of the opposition to the committee, despite PM Netanyahu’s support of the move.

Opposition chair Yair Lapid and MK Benny Gantz have both said that they will withdraw from the judicial reform negotiations if the coalition does not respect the long-standing tradition of appointing the opposition nominee to the committee. Their withdrawal from the negotiations could return Israel to the chaotic events of January and February.

Please pray for the appointment of one coalition and one opposition lawmaker. Secondly, please continue to pray for the success of the compromise negotiations and for national stability.

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