Incitement and False Reporting Against Israel

Not only does the Palestinian Authority and its leaders, as well as religious leaders in the Muslim community, incite and encourage violence towards Israelis to young Palestinian youth, but the international community has done an atrocious job at reporting accurate news regarding the recent violence taking place in Israel. The use of social media and public condoning has added flames to the fire of violence and hatred towards Israel within the Palestinian community. There has been little to no condemnation of this behavior by the international leadership in the U.S. and Europe. We pray for the leaders and citizens of the world that are being greatly misinformed and forming inaccurate judgements on the State of Israel. We pray for truth to be known and valued during these difficult times. We pray for those who work in the media that they will value integrity and honesty in their reporting of Israel. We also pray for our staff and responsibility of reporting accurate news. We pray that God would give us wisdom and truth in our words and representation of activity taking place in Israel.

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