In Whom Do We Trust?

Whenever elections are held, it begs the question: In whom do we put our trust?  Israel just held elections for its municipalities, which can have major impact on the local level.  The local governments affect the daily lives of Israelis in a very tangible way, particularly where the quality of living is concerned.  Indeed, many local leaders end up running for positions in the Knesset, the parliament of Israel.  So, these local elections end up having a real influence within Israel.

While the voter turnout was very low throughout Israel, in the end, the residents of towns chose their local leaders.  As I was waiting to hear the news about who won in our local community outside Jerusalem, the thought came to me that Israel has had a particularly tumultuous history in electing those to rule over it.  It all began in the time of Samuel the prophet, when Israel decided that she did not want God to be her king, but instead asked for a human king: “Now appoint a king for us to judge us like all the nations.” 1 Samuel 8:5b  Samuel was very angry about this, because he understood that Israel was rejecting her King – the Almighty God – and instead preferred a fallible ruler.  There was also the problem of Israel wanting to be like the nations, from whom she was intended (and commanded) to be set apart.  They were essentially rejecting everything God had created them to be.

The results of Israel’s rebellion were disastrous and devastating; Israel was ruled by numerous kings, only a handful of whom were leaders devoted to the LORD and His Law.  The rest were wicked men, filled with evil, serving their selfish desires, and worshiping the pagan idols of their day.  This wickedness eventually led Israel into a long and difficult captivity, from which she suffered greatly.

In effect, Israel chose to put her trust in man; it was so much easier – or so it seemed – to trust someone they could see in person, rather than God, whom they could not see or touch in a physical sense.  Yet, that is exactly what we are called to do as followers of Messiah, is it not?  When we begin to follow Him, we have chosen, in essence, to put our trust in that which we cannot see, but know in our hearts is real and true.

But it is challenging to live in that trust day to day!  I am constantly having to ask myself “Who am I trusting today?”, especially when I encounter stressful or anxious situations.  I am faced with the daily decision of having to choose in whom I will trust – God or man.  While God has proved Himself to me over and over again, I still tend to “default” in placing my trust in that which is right in front of my eyes, that which is tangible.  But that will only bring ruin in the end…

So while Israel continues to search for her King, those of us who have discovered our true King, Messiah Yeshua, should be encouraged to continue to seek Him daily, and choose to put our trust in Him.  The kingdoms of this earth will pass away, but the Kingdom of Heaven will reign eternally.

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