Iran, Israel, and Syria

Israel’s Sunday air strike on a large Iranian arms shipment in Syria has led to an intensified discussion this week of the Iranian nuclear deal framework, which American President Trump and Israel’ Prime Minister Netanyahu have repeatedly asserted is faulted. This week, Netanyahu stepped up efforts to present the issues to European powers, but has not yet seen any significant breakthrough. As Iran has a significant interest in the destruction of Israel, any arms deals that allow Iran to amass weapons is dangerous, especially in light of the closeness between Iran and Israel already. Recent heavy shipments of weapons into Syria has led Israeli security officials to wonder if Iran is preparing for a ground offensive that might go beyond fighting the rebels in Syria and cross instead into Israel. To stop such an offensive before it begins, Israel has taken out key arms shipments. Iran has not responded militarily as of yet, and we are praying that whatever happens moving forward, God will continue to protect Israel’s leaders and guide them in wisely responding to the Iranian threat in Syria.

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