Gaza Security Fence Infiltration

Just last weekend, a few Gazans managed to cross the security barrier between Israel and Gaza in an attempt to sabotage construction equipment until the IDF came to stop them. Then, Monday night, 3 more Gazans managed to breach the security fence in yet another location. A report on the incident indicated that the breach locations were identified and are being repaired. Also, a more effective system is currently under construction along the border that is expected to prevent infiltration by tunnel or above ground as has been done in the past.

A further observation in the report was that the 3 Gazans who breached the security fence Monday night had on them multiple grenades and a knife. While they easily could have carried out an attack in the many hours before they were apprehended, they didn’t, leading to the belief that like many others in Gaza, they were seeking to get arrested by the police and put in an Israeli jail where they will be given 3 meals a day and a warm bed to sleep in. Another possibility is that the 3 Gazans who crossed into Israel with weapons were actually commissioned by Hamas to engage in psychological warfare by showing up where they did at the border of an Israeli town with weapons and making the Israelis in that town feel as though the fence is not enough to protect them.

Praise God that no attack was carried out, especially as we are approaching Passover. Pray that the border fence will be mended as needed from here on out and that the current construction work on improving the border security will be carried out both quickly and effectively.

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