IDF Operation to Arrest Terrorist

Yesterday night, in an operation to capture a wanted Palestinian terrorist, IDF forces entered the Palestinian city of Jenin, known as a hub for terrorist activity. During the raid, the soldiers encountered resistance from local militant groups, leading Israeli forces to use a suicide drone. Some are concerned that the number of terror operatives killed as a result of their involvement in the operation (four dead and dozens wounded) could lead to another escalation in the area. No Israeli soldiers were injured, although a Palestinian roadside bomb disabled one IDF vehicle, forcing the army to evacuate the soldiers inside.

The raid occurs against the backdrop of heightening tensions on the Israel-Gaza border, where violent protests are now in their sixth day.

Please pray that the security situation does not escalate! Please pray for God’s protection over soldiers operating in the area and also over local civilians. Lastly, please continue to pray for wisdom for Israeli officials faced with escalations on multiple fronts.

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