IDF Launches Massive Military Op in Jenin

Sunday overnight the IDF launched its biggest military operation in Judea and Samaria since the Second Intifada. The op began with several airstrikes on terror targets in the Palestinian city of Jenin as ground forces from several elite IDF units moved into position. Jenin has become a hotspot for Palestinian terrorism over the last year and a half and especially in recent months; Israeli leaders hoped that the situation would resolve naturally but now feel that they have no choice but to eliminate the growing terrorist infrastructure in the area and restore deterrence.

The IDF likely has several days of fighting ahead and the conflict could spread from Jenin to other parts of Samaria, according to IDF Chief Spokesman, Brig. Gen. Daniel Harari. The Home Front Command is also on high alert in the event that terror factions in Gaza join the fight.

As usual, the IDF issued statements to local residents, warning them to stay in their homes for their own safety during the operation. The Israeli government also previously indicated to the United States their intent to act against the Jenin terror base in the near future.

Please pray for safety for Israeli soldiers in action! Please pray for the success of the mission and the restoration of deterrence in Samaria. Lastly, please continue to pray for God’s providence over the general security situation in Israel, including civilian safety, wisdom for leaders, and that the conflict does not spread.

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