Hope for Israel Intercessors Letter – April 2014

Dear Prayer Partners,

Shalom! In Israel, we are entering the time of the Passover (Pesach) holidays, when the Jewish people celebrate their redemption and freedom from slavery in Egypt. As this time approaches, those of us who believe in Israel’s Messiah Yeshua continue to pray for the ultimate freedom and redemption of all of Israel. In the midst of this holiday season, Israel also continues to face increasing pressure to make concessions in peace talks. If these talks fail, Palestinians are warning of a Third Intifada. In addition, Israel is keeping a wary eye on Iran and the various terror groups that Iran supplies, having just stopped a major shipment of weapons a few weeks ago. We all look forward to the day when Israel is no longer a slave to the whims of ungodly political entities and nations.

Please join us in interceding on behalf of Israel for:

Passover: Passover (Pesach) is a beautiful holiday in which Jewish families gather together to celebrate and read about Israel’s freedom from the Egyptians and redemption as a people. However, it can also be a hard time for those in need. Furthermore, many Israelis are far from understanding the spiritual significance of the Passover story today. Please intercede for the Jewish people as they celebrate this holiday, that their eyes would be opened and that they would turn to God. Please also pray for provision for those in need and that they would call out to their Savior in their time of difficulty. Lastly, please pray for protection over all Passover events and gatherings, that any plans of the enemy will not prevail.

Iran: A few weeks ago, a ship was intercepted on its way to Gaza. It turned out that the ship had originated in Iran and was full of sophisticated weapons designed to be used by Hamas and Islamic Jihad against Israel. These weapons could reach anywhere in the country. Iran is known to be stepping up efforts to supply Israel’s enemies while the rest of the world attempts to appease them. Please pray for protection from Iran and from terror groups that desire to destroy Israel. Please also pray that the citizens of Israel will look to God and trust in Him, rather than trusting only in the army. Please also intercede for those in the IDF and for those in places of leadership to have wisdom as to how to act.

“Peace Talks”: The peace talks continue to prevail in the news as they have apparently hit an impasse. The world is pressuring Israel to release another batch of convicted terrorists and to stop all settlement building. The Palestinians have even threatened a Third Intifada if the talks fail, or to seek recognition as its own country at the UN. It is possible that the talks will be extended, but only if Israel will release many convicted killers. Please pray for Israel’s leaders in this pivotal time, that they would act in wisdom and not make unwise decisions due to international pressure. Please also pray for protection over Israel from any such “Intifada” or other acts by enemies of Israel. Lastly, please intercede for both Israelis and Palestinians to turn to the Messiah as the only true source of peace and justice.

Jewish Community in Ukraine/Crimea: As the world has been shocked at the situation in Ukraine and in Crimea, many people have overlooked the impact this is having on the Jewish community there. There have been many reports of anti-Semitic attacks coming from both pro-Ukraine supporters and pro-Russian citizens, leaving Jews caught in the middle. Some have even been transported to Israel for medical care of injuries sustained in various attacks. Please pray for protection and wisdom in the Jewish community in Ukraine. Pray that they would not become scapegoats as a result of the crisis and that God would guide them in the upcoming days.

Corruption: For the first time in Israeli history, a former Prime Minister was convicted of taking bribes. Former Prime Minister Olmert was convicted after a long case involving many other political figures and that has rocked the Israeli political landscape. Many Israelis have very low trust in the government and find this to confirm their beliefs. Please pray that this incident is not used to further delegitimize Israel. Please also pray for Israelis to put their trust in the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob rather than politicians or governments. Lastly, please pray for righteous leaders to rise up that can act according to God’s principles rather than the world’s morals.

Northern Israel: There continue to be incidents in Northern Israel, coming from both Syria and Lebanon. Hezbollah has vowed vengeance after the death of one of their members and the IDF recently thwarted an infiltration attempt by gunmen from Syria. Please pray for God to continue to guard Israel’s borders and that there would be supernatural protection over Israel during these tumultuous times. Please also intercede for everyone in the IDF as they serve their country tirelessly. Lastly, please pray that Israel’s enemies’ plans would be foiled and that some would even repent of their actions. 

Following are some ministry requests for Hope for Israel:

Moran – Moran hosted two tours from abroad the entire month of March, and is traveling with his family to the States for two weeks in April for a family event. They will then return to Israel to celebrate the Passover holiday with family.  It will be another busy month! Please pray for health, strength, wisdom, and discernment for Moran, especially during his travels and speaking engagements.  Please also pray for a peaceful and fruitful trip for Moran and his family.  Finally, please pray that God would put His hedge of protection around the family and give Moran and Melissa great wisdom as they raise their three young children. 

Passover Project – the ministry is in the throws of preparing the first of two main yearly projects to distribute food packages and grocery coupons for the Passover holiday.  It is a huge undertaking, with many details to be arranged and we pray for God’s peace to lead the entire process, with His wisdom and blessing.  Please also pray for Joanna, Tiggist, & Moran as they head the preparations for the project.  Please also pray for God’s provision for the project so that we can bless more families than ever!

Important TransitionPlease continue to pray that this transition will go smoothly and without any problems, especially where donations are concerned. Please also pray for a double blessing for Hope Chapel for the many years of covering, and also for Seed of Abraham as they graciously have taken us under their organization’s covering.  Please pray that the new working relationship between HFI and SoA will be mutually beneficial, and ultimately, greatly beneficial to the LORD’s Kingdom!

HFI BoardPlease continue to pray for the Board as they always have important decisions for the ministry in front of them.  Please keep their families in your prayers as well, that the arrows of the enemy will not penetrate, but that the LORD will shield them.

HFI StaffPlease continue to intercede for our staff members, board members, and ministry partners & their loved ones; please pray that we will walk in the victory that Yeshua has given us over illness and disease.  Please continue to pray for His protection over our children’s hearts & minds as well.  Please also pray for the entire staff in our work, that the LORD would inspire and work through us to bring Himself glory in Israel.

Seeking New Staff – we are still in need of someone to lead our writing and media department.  Please pray for God’s provision for someone who is willing to serve the LORD through their gift of writing, editing, and use of media.  Please pray that God will bring someone who will be a perfect fit not only for the position, but also for the family of Hope for Israel. 

Ner Yah Youth GroupPlease continue to pray that the youth will continue to be rooted in the Lord through a deep relationship with Yeshua.  Additionally, continue to pray for David and Sappir as they lead the youth into becoming disciples of the Messiah. Lastly, please pray for God to prepare those who will be entering the army and strengthen them for the time ahead.

Ner Yah LeadersPlease continue to pray for the staff and student leadership team as they lead the group. Please pray that God would give them wisdom as they seek to do His will with the youth.

Believing Soldiers’ Outreach – in response to a growing need for support for our young believing soldiers, we began a bi-weekly meeting for soldiers when they come home for the Shabbat.  We have also hired another part-time staff member, Sara, to lead this portion of the discipleship program.  Please pray for Sara, that she will walk in God’s anointing and wisdom for this new ministry opportunity.  Please also pray that she will have a deep sensitivity to what the soldiers need, and plan the meetings accordingly.  Lastly, please pray that this group will be a wonderful blessing to our soldiers to keep strong in their faith, and be fruitful wherever the Lord has put them.

Moms’ Group:  Please pray that God will lead Melissa as she continues to lead the group, especially to be sensitive to the changing needs of the moms as they enter different phases with their children.  Please continue to pray for the mothers’ personal relationship with the LORD, that they will not neglect their first love in the busyness of every day life.  Lastly, please pray that the mothers will be encouraged to take care of themselves – body, mind, & soul – in order to better care for their families. 

Tour DepartmentPlease continue to pray that the LORD will bless this aspect of the ministry and that He would bring more and more people to witness of His love on these tours, and to be a strong supportive voice for Israel.

Lastly, please continue to pray for the salvation of Israel & the Jewish people throughout the world; we long for the day when all Israel will recognize her Messiah and bless Him… this is the key to unlocking the great spiritual blessing for the entire human race: “For if their rejection [of Yeshua] is the reconciliation of the world, what will their acceptance be but life from the dead?” Romans 11:15

In His Service,

The Hope for Israel Prayer Team

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