Hizballah Invites Media to War Simulation

Sunday, in a rare departure from secrecy, Lebanese terror group Hizballah invited members of the press to witness a day of staged combat and symbolic shows of force against Israel. During the exercise, which took place in a training field in southern Lebanon, militants blew up Israeli flags and officials asserted their readiness for conflict with Israel.

Israel has not faced Hizballah since the 2006 Second Lebanese War, but the Iran-funded group remains one of the biggest threats to the Jewish State. Their symbolic show of force at this time is note-worthy, occurring just days after Israel’s Jerusalem Day, and just weeks after Operation Shield and Arrow, a major military confrontation between Israel and the Gaza-based terror group Palestinian Islamic Jihad.

Hizballah is not a new threat for Israel, but it continues to be a significant one that requires prayer as well as insight and precision on the part of Israeli leaders.

Please continue to pray God’s protection over Israel and His guidance for Israel’s leaders and intelligence. Please also pray for renewed peace in the region. Lastly, please pray for conditions that benefit Israel in any future conflict.

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