High Tensions in Sheikh Jarrah

A senior Israeli official warned that the ongoing unrest in East Jerusalem’s contested Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood could reignite hostilities between Israel & Hamas in Gaza. While this situation is very complex, recent provocations by Israeli far-right Knesset Member, Itamar Ben Gvir, have added oil to a hot fire, so to speak. The MK set up a makeshift office in the contested neighborhood, reportedly in response to Palestinians firebombing a Jewish-owned home in the neighborhood. Israeli Police have warned of the ongoing situation, saying that “bad actors have been spreading misinformation and disinformation about various events in the area over social networks, along with violent and inflammatory online discourse and improper attempts to ignite the area.” Please pray for this situation, for tensions to calm down immediately. Please also pray for wisdom for Israeli officials as they seek to ease the situation. Lastly, please pray for protection for all against violence.

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