Heightened Debate over Judea and Samaria

As Netanyahu’s coalition steps into its new role as sitting government, inflammatory rhetoric surrounding Israel’s sovereignty is increasing from all sides.

National Defense Minister Itamar Ben Gvir has promised to visit the Temple Mount this week, in what would be the first visit to the contested site by a sitting government minister in five years. His declaration prompted threats of violence from Hamas and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, who called on Egypt and the UN to condemn Ben Gvir’s planned visit.

In parallel, the UN just passed a resolution requesting an advisory opinion from the ICJ on the legality of Israeli presence in Judea and Samaria. Although any decision reached by the Hague is legally non-binding for Israel, this resolution pulls the issue further into the spotlight, and any ruling in favor of the Palestinian claim to Judea and Samaria could put additional diplomatic and economic pressure on Israel.

Please pray for peace in the region! Please pray for wisdom for Israeli leaders and diplomats to navigate these complicated and interconnected issues. Lastly, please pray for protection over the innocent on both sides of the conflict who are caught in the metaphorical crossfire.


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