Hamas Releases Video of Captive Israeli

Gaza-based Hamas released a video Monday of Israeli Avera Mengisto who has been held hostage by the terrorist organization since 2014. This video is the first footage released of the captive, but there is no proof that the video is recent, or that Mengisto is even still alive. Although the authorities appear convinced by the video, Avera Mengisto’s family reportedly are in doubt about the man’s identity.

In addition to showing Mengisto, the video taunts IDF leadership, saying that outgoing Chief of Staff Kochavi “failed” to arrange the captive’s return, and challenges his successor, Hertzi haLevi, to do better. The video’s release was clearly timed to correspond with the IDF’s “changing of the guard.”

Please pray for clarity about the identity and status of the man in the video. Please pray for wisdom for leaders, to know how to approach the situation and extricate Mengisto safely. Lastly, please pray for a smooth transition of power in the IDF.


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