Israel — A Good Neighbor

Did you know that Israel has been providing a great deal of aid to Syrians in the midst of the crisis through a project referred to in Israel as Operation Good Neighbor? Besides providing emergency medical care in Israel to thousands of Syrians in the midst of the conflict, Israel has also been sending relief teams and supplies into Syria. This past year alone, Israel provided Syrian refugees with:

  • 694 tons of food
  • 14,138 boxes of baby formula
  • 6,351 diapers
  • 174 tons of clothing
  • 12,329 hygienic products
  • 13 electric generators along with 143,392 gallons of fuel to assist with cooking and heating homes
  • 2,124 containers of medicine
  • 400 medical devices

The list goes on, but what is especially encouraging is that through Operation Good Neighbor, Israel is able to truly be a blessing in the midst of the earth. Even though Syria and Israel have been bitter enemies and are still officially enemy states, Israel continues to provide much needed care to Syria’s citizens as they suffer at the hands of terrorists and at the hands of their own President.

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