Gaza Security Footage Shows Hostages – Day 45

US and Israeli intelligence has for years indicated that Hamas’ headquarters are located under Shifa Hospital in Gaza City. Now, new security footage from Shifa Hospital from October 7th shows public proof. In the footage, Hamas terrorists entered the hospital with two hostages taken from Israeli territory, neither of whom were Israeli citizens (one is Thai and the other is Vietnamese). One of the hostages appeared to be injured and was transported on a hospital gurney.

Additionally, the IDF found a large, fortified terror tunnel directly under the hospital. The tunnel’s fortifications are consistent with those Hamas usually uses to protect its command centers and other infrastructure from Israeli attacks. The tunnel’s destination is being investigated.

Air raid sirens were triggered multiple times overnight Monday in the Galilee and other northern communities as a result. Monday morning, the IDF launched a number of strikes on Hizballah targets in southern Lebanon. Rocket fire resumed from Lebanon towards Israel afterwards, starting a small fire near a northern Israeli town.

The Yemenite Houthis, an additional Iran-backed terror group who has fired periodic rockets towards Eilat since the beginning of the war, seized a cargo ship in the Red Sea headed for India today. The ship was partially owned by an Israeli. The incident made good a Houthi threat mere hours before that it would attack any ship connected in any way to Israel which passed through the area.

Please continue to pray for protection over and operational success for IDF soldiers operating on Israel’s different fronts. Please pray for the wellbeing and immediate return of all the hostages held in Gaza. Lastly, please pray against any additional escalations from Hizballah and/or the Houthis.

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