Four Attacks Today and One Killed

This morning, towns in southern Israel were greeted with the red alert as alarms go off after a rocket was shot from Gaza into southern Israel. Thankfully, there were no damages or injuries reported.

A few hours later, two young Palestinian girls, aged 14 and 16, attacked bystanders on the streets near the market at Mahane Yehuda. The girls injured an elderly Palestinian man and attempted to attack others just before security forces arrived and neutralized them. One girl was shot and killed and the other was seriously wounded and is being treated at an Israeli hospital. Soon after, there was a hit and run attack in Judea and Samaria leaving an Israeli man injured. Police are trying to verify if this was an accident or a deliberate attack. Then, at the entrance to Nablus, there was an attempted stabbing of an Israeli soldier, but was shot and killed before injuring anyone. Lastly, around 3:00 in the afternoon, an Israeli man and woman were attacked with a knife at a gas station north of Jerusalem. The man was stabbed to death and the woman was sent to the hospital with minor wounds. The attacker was shot and killed on the scene. The number of attacks and deaths in recent days has caused police and citizens to be on high alert. We know and trust that prayer is our greatest tool for fighting terror. Please remain in prayer with us for the hearts and lives of Israelis and Palestinians.

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