Final Countdown to New Government

With the plenum session to ratify the new government scheduled for 11:00 Thursday morning, Israel’s legislative caucus is entering the final stretch to (hopefully) governmental stability. Before the government can be ratified, there is one more amendment which must be voted on to allow incoming national security minister Itamar Ben Gvir to take more direct control of the Israeli Police Force. Debates on this issue will begin Tuesday afternoon.

The incoming government is one of the most controversial ever: incoming PM Netanyahu still has fraud charges hanging over him, incoming finance minister Aryeh Deri has actually twice been convicted of tax charges and served a partial sentence, and the aforementioned Ben Gvir, who is being given unprecedented control over the Israeli police, is known for his extreme nationalist rhetoric. Netanyahu has already faced much blowback from his opposition, constituents, and the international community over these ministerial appointments; many are openly wondering whether he has sold democracy for stability.

It is a complicated situation that definitely needs prayer! Please pray for wisdom for Israel’s new leaders. Please pray for continued security for, and protection over, Israel’s citizens. Lastly, please pray for a positive and favorable resolution to the political and cultural conflict that has been stirred up by the incoming government.

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