As the IDF continues to operate in Gaza, they found evidence that many of the hostages were held in hospital’s basement directly after being kidnapped. The evidence includes a baby’s bottle, hasty bathroom arrangements and a motorcycle marked with bullet holes which likely transported hostages from an Israeli village. Forensics teams will investigate the evidence further to confirm whether hostages were indeed held inside the hospital.

On Israel’s border with Lebanon, the situation continues to escalate. Two IDF soldiers were badly injured by Hizballah’s continued anti-tank fire on Monday. In a statement delivered in northern Israel, the Chief of Staff said that the IDF is “preparing for [operational] activity” whose purpose is to ensure security to the residents of northern Israel.

A heavy rocket barrage hit the Tel Aviv area last night and two civilians in Ashkelon were lightly injured after a barrage this morning. Additionally, civilians in northern Israel are increasingly in danger from Hizballah’s missile attacks. Once again on Tuesday, civilians in northern Israel were forced into their bomb shelters by a potential enemy UAV in Israeli territory. Sirens also sounded in Eilat again Tuesday afternoon.

In two encouraging displays of support for Israel, a rally against anti-Semitism in Paris attracted over 100,000 attendees, while a similar pro-Israel march in Washington D.C. today is expected to attract roughly the same number.

Please pray for the immediate release of all of the hostages held by Hamas! Please pray for protection over Israeli soldiers as they operate in Gaza and on other fronts; please also continue to pray for protection over Israeli civilians. Finally, please continue to pray for continued international support.

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