The IDF took over a limited section of Shifa Hospital after beginning an operation overnight Wednesday, acting on “intelligence and operational needs”. The IDF statement also mentioned the hostages; either the IDF believes that there is crucial evidence regarding the hostages in this portion of Shifa or they believe that some or all of the hostages are themselves being held there.

As we have reported previously, US and Israeli intelligence both clearly show that Hamas’ main headquarters is located under the hospital. Arabic-speaking soldiers and Israeli medical teams are also working closely with the soldiers in order to protect civilians and take care of their medical needs.

On Israel’s border with Lebanon, the situation continues to escalate. Israel continues to respond to Hizballah’s aggression with air and artillery strikes on terror cells and facilities. In Eilat, incidents with UAVs continue to multiply. Sirens sounded in the Red Sea town again late Tuesday evening. In Judea and Samaria, IDF forces continue to arrest terrorists affiliated with Hamas as well as with other terror organizations.

Amazingly, 290,000 people attended the largest pro-Israel march in US history yesterday in Washington D.C., according to organizers.

On the home front, pressure on the government regarding the hundreds of hostages still held in Gaza is mounting. Tuesday afternoon, dozens of family members of the hostages left Tel Aviv on foot to march for the return of their loved ones. They will arrive in Jerusalem on Saturday and will hold an event outside the Knesset.

Please pray for continued operational success for Israeli forces and that the God of Israel would continue to fight for and through Israel. Please pray for continued protection over Israeli soldiers, security and medical teams, and civilians. Lastly, please pray for the immediate release of all the hostages!

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