The IDF has taken significant ground in Gaza in the last month, both through air strikes and since the beginning of the ground campaign. Over 14,000 terrorist targets have been destroyed by the IDF since the beginning of the war. Among the terrorist assets discovered, yesterday, IDF forces found Hamas rockets hidden in tunnels under a childrens’ playground. Sadly, 33 Israeli soldiers have been killed in combat since IDF ground forces entered Gaza.

On Israel’s border with Lebanon, the situation has definitely escalated this week, with 20 rocket launches identified from Lebanon towards Israeli communities and military bases yesterday. 2 Israeli soldiers were injured in clashes with Lebanon in the upper Galilee this afternoon. Israel continues to respond to Hizballah’s aggression with air and artillery strikes on terror cells and facilities. In Eilat, the situation remains relatively the same, while in Judea and Samaria IDF forces continue to arrest wanted terror suspects.

Meanwhile, Hamas continues to fire rockets on Israeli civilians. Over 80,000 Israelis have requested governmental financial assistance, while numerous small businesses are struggling to stay above water. Many Israelis feel that the government has abandoned them to handle these pressures alone.

One victory internationally for Israel occurred when the US House of Representatives (Congress) voted to condemn Rep. Rashida Tlaib for her continued lies about Israel and Hamas, what happened on October 7th, and her use of Hamas slogans.

Please continue to pray for healing for the injured, for comfort for the families of the fallen, and for the safe return of the captives. Please pray for the continued success of Operation “Swords of Iron,” and for protection over all Israeli soldiers and civilians involved. Please also pray for Israel’s economy and for those struggling financially as a result of the war. Lastly, please pray for continued international support for Israel.

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