Today, November 7th, Israel marks exactly one month since the horrific terror attack October 7th during which Hamas brutally murdered 1,400 innocent Israelis and took 240+ additional people – including women, children, the elderly and internationals – hostage. Among other memorial events, a group prayer will take place today at the Western Wall for the safe return of the hostages.

Tuesday the IDF opened a humanitarian corridor from northern to southern Gaza for the second day in a row for any remaining civilians in Gaza City. Out of concern that Hamas would fire on evacuating civilians, an IDF tank is accompanying the evacuees south. Meanwhile, Hamas continues to fire rockets on Israeli civilians.

Yesterday marked an escalation in the conflict on Israel’s northern border, with many rocket barrages coming towards northern communities from Lebanon. An escalation also looms in Judea and Samaria after a deadly terror attack yesterday and two attempted attacks this morning (Tuesday).

There have been two incidents worthy of note internationally in the last day. Firstly, is the tragic death of an elderly Jewish man in Los Angeles after being hit in the head by a pro-Palestinian protester, only one of numerous anti-Semitic incidents in recent weeks. Secondly, Brandeis University outlawed this week a pro-Palestinian campus group called “Students for Justice in Palestine,” a major win on Israel’s international front.

Please pray for healing for the injured and, today especially, comfort for those who have lost or are missing loved ones. Please pray for protection over Israeli soldiers and security forces in the field as well as over civilians. Lastly, please pray for the continued success of Israel’s war against Hamas.

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