Heavy fighting continues between Israeli soldiers and Hamas terrorists deep inside the Gaza Strip, with the Israeli Air Force and artillery continuing to cover infantry movements. The IDF has reported high operational success so far, by God’s grace.

Tragically, in the fighting, at least 19 soldiers have so far been killed, while others have been injured. Today, one of the soldiers who fell in Gaza was a Druze battalion commander from northern Israel who was instrumental in retaking kibbutz Be’eri from Hamas on October 7th.

On the northern front, Israel has issued strong warnings to Hizballah ahead of a scheduled speech by the terrorist organization’s leader. It is unlikely that Hizballah wants a real war with Israel, but Israel is closely watching the head terrorist’s words and their potential affect. Clashes also continue on the border between the IDF and Hizballah.

On Israel’s southern front, the Jordanian government has warned the Yemenite group as well as Hamas and Hizballah in the wake of these attacks. Tragically, a terrorist killed an Israeli man in Samaria today, amidst heightened tensions in the area.

Meanwhile, rocket fire continues from Gaza towards Israeli population centers, Thursday including parts of northern Israel and Beer Sheva, located in the southern Negev desert. Direct hits were reported today in central Israel and in Kiryat Shmona.

Austria has announced that it will hold a special meeting on the issue soon, while Germany has banned Hamas activity in its borders as well as closing the German chapter of an additional affiliated group.

Please pray for healing for the injured soldiers and comfort for the families of the fallen. Please continue to pray for blessing and protection over Israeli forces fighting in Gaza and on Israel’s other fronts, as well as over Israeli civilians.

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