Heavy fighting continues between Israeli soldiers and Hamas terrorists deep inside the Gaza Strip, with the Israeli Air Force and artillery continuing to cover infantry movements. One example of this cooperation occurred last night, when ground forces recognized that a group of terrorists was holed up inside a multi-story building in Gaza City. They alerted the Air Force, who neutralized the target with a precision missile.

Tragically, in the fighting, 15 Israeli soldiers were killed, and at least two others badly injured. In total, 1,400 Israelis have been murdered by Hamas in the last 4 weeks and over 5,400 injured. 240 people – women, children, babies and the elderly – remain in Hamas captivity.

In Judea and Samaria, security forces continue to work around the clock to arrest wanted terrorists and protect Israeli civilians. On the northern front, clashes continue between Israeli forces and Hizballah terrorists, while Israel has sent missile ships to the Red Sea in response to missile launches from Yemen.

Hamas has now fired over 8,500 rockets at Israel’s civilian population, and the numbers continue to climb. Meanwhile, internally displaced Israelis continue to face crippling challenges, including traumatized children, extreme uncertainty, and financial instability.

Wednesday morning Bolivia cut ties with Israel citing their airstrikes in Gaza, while two other South American nations, Chile and Columbia recalled their ambassadors, a major sign of diplomatic tensions.

Please pray for healing for the injured soldiers and comfort for the families of the fallen. Please continue to pray for blessing and protection over Israeli forces fighting in Gaza and on Israel’s other fronts, as well as over Israeli civilians. Lastly, please pray for the immediate release & return of kidnapped Israelis – military and civilian – and for God’s physical and mental protection over them during their captivity.

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