As Israel intensifies its ground campaign in Gaza City, heavy fighting is reported between Israeli soldiers and terrorists. Tragically, Israeli soldiers have been killed and injured in action. Video footage revealed Israeli tanks in the outskirts of Gaza City yesterday evening. The Israeli Air Force and artillery continue to cover infantry movements in Gaza.

Incredibly, last night, Israeli special forces operating in Gaza rescued an Israeli soldier being held hostage. The young woman has since been reunited with her family after three weeks of captivity. Sadly, there are still 240 hostages remaining in Gaza.

As the battle rages in Gaza Tuesday afternoon, rocket attacks have also escalated. In the coastal city of Ashdod Tuesday, four Israelis were injured, one critically, as a result of rocket fire. Additionally, the Houthi rebel group in Yemen, who first shot missiles at Israel on October 19th, fired again towards Eilat, Israel, over Monday night. Israel shot down the missiles with its “Arrow” missile defense system.

Finally, chillingly, Hamas has called for a “Day of Rage” against Israelis and Jews throughout the world. After seeing the escalation in anti-Semitic violence over the last weeks, this needs to be taken seriously.

Please pray for healing for the injured soldiers and comfort for the families of the fallen. Please continue to pray for blessing and protection over Israeli forces fighting in Gaza and on Israel’s other fronts, as well as over Israeli civilians. Lastly, please pray for the immediate release & return of kidnapped Israelis – military and civilian – and for God’s physical and mental protection over them during their captivity.

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