Monday morning, the IDF’s chief spokesperson described the IDF’s strategy in Gaza in more detail, saying that ground forces, including tank crews and infantry squads, are advancing into the Gaza Strip covered by fighter helicopters and additional aerial support. Soldiers on the ground identify targets, which are then neutralized from the air. According to Palestinian reports, the IDF reached the outskirts of Gaza City on Monday morning. So far, by God’s grace, only two Israeli soldiers have been injured in the fighting.

Monday afternoon, Hamas published an additional video of three women being held Hostage. This is another horrible act of psychological warfare by Hamas against the Israeli public and should be treated as such.

Additionally, terrorists in Syria launched rockets towards Israel over Sunday night, and the IDF responded with airstrikes which apparently caused damage to terrorist infrastructure in southern Syria.

Hamas continues to fire heavy barrages at the Gaza Envelope, southern Israel, the coastal plain and Tel Aviv. On Monday morning, several direct hits were reported from the Gaza border town of Netivot, although thankfully, no one was injured. A rocket fell in Ashkelon as well. Monday afternoon, Hamas fired rockets at the Jerusalem area.

In Jerusalem, a terrorist stabbed a police officer on duty Monday morning near the Old City of Jerusalem. The injured officer, who is in serious condition, was evacuated to a local hospital, while the terrorist was neutralized by other police forces on the site.

Additionally, anti-Semitism continues to skyrocket internationally.

Please pray for the success of Israel’s ground operation in Gaza. Please continue to pray for protection over Israeli soldiers and civilians in the line of fire. Lastly, please continue to pray against the rise of anti-Israel sentiment and anti-Semitism around the world.

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