Hamas has now fired over 7,500 rockets from Gaza at Israeli civilians and over 5,400 Israelis have been wounded.  222 Israeli hostages are being held by Hamas, according to the latest official report. On the home front, 64 towns and villages in northern and southern Israel, amounting to around 125,000 Israelis, have been evacuated. Sadly, it is unclear when these displaced Israelis will be able to return to their homes.

Israel continues to strike Hamas targets in Gaza from the air. Overnight strikes between Sunday and Monday were aimed at Hamas command centers, Hamas’ tunnel network under Gaza, and more. Sadly, one Israeli soldier was killed, and three others injured on the Gaza border yesterday.

On Israel’s border with Lebanon, clashes continue. The IDF responds to Hizballah’s attacks by striking terrorist targets in southern Lebanon. In Judea and Samaria, security forces continue to arrest wanted terrorists.

The heads of state of France and Holland are set to land in Israel today and tomorrow, the latest of numerous world leaders who have visited Israel since October 7th to express their support. On the other hand, a leader of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps said that Iran would not hesitate to launch a precision missile at Haifa. This is the terrorist state’s first direct threat against Israel since the conflict began.

Please continue to pray for protection over Israeli soldiers and civilians and for healing for the injured, including the soldiers injured yesterday. Please pray for wisdom for Israel’s leaders. Lastly, please pray for people to awaken to the truth about Israel and for continued international support.

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