Fasting for Rain

Please join us in praying and fasting today for rain in Israel. Although this November has seen far more rain than in recent years, Israel continues to plunge into a serious water crisis. Policy makers suggested earlier this year cutting agricultural use of water by 50% but outrage from those in the agricultural industry led to a quick retraction of this proposal. Israel has numerous desalinization plants, one being the largest in the world, as one backup plant that was not supposed to be used except in the case of emergency (another plant being shut down)—we’re in a state of emergency even though all desalinization plants are still up and running. Israel is currently discussing using the backup desalinization plant to lighten the burden until a better solution can be found. Lake Kinneret (the “Sea of Galilee), one of Israel’s main water reserves, is expected to reach a record low this winter, even if the winter is especially rainy. Underground aquifers are at dangerous lows that risk them becoming salty and thus unusable without the desalinization plants. Israel already recycles 90% of its waste water for irrigation (4 times higher rate of recycled water use than any other country). Israel is also a leader in water efficient agricultural methods. We really need rain in this land, so join our dat of fasting and prayer today if you are able as we call out to God for an especially wet year in Israel.

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