Events from Tuesday’s Attacks

Yesterday, one Israeli was killed and four others wounded in four separate attacks across Judea and Samaria. Series of events unfolded starting Tuesday morning and continuing until late in the evening.

  1. Tuesday morning, a 24-year old Palestinian was killed during riots after he tried to stab an IDF officer. The attacker charged at the troops and was able to lightly wound one before he was killed.
  2. A few hours following Monday’s events, Avraham Asher Hasano, 50, from Kiryat Arba, was killed near Fawwar, southwest of Hebron, when he was hit by a Palestinian truck driver. The Israeli’s car was pelted with stones, causing him to stop on the side of the road and exit his vehicle. He was then hit by the truck and fatally wounded. The driver of the truck later turned himself into the police saying that it was an accident.
  3. Later in the afternoon, a terrorist tried to ram into Israelis waiting at a bus stop at the Gush Etzion junction in the West Bank, but hit the concrete blocks placed there to stop such attacks. He was, however, able to lightly wound a 20-year-old IDF soldier and a 21-year-old Israeli civilian. The terrorist the left his car with a knife drawn and tried to stab his victims. An IDF soldier from the 92nd Shimshon Battalion in the Kfir Brigade, which is deployed at the junction, shot the terrorist and killed him.The attacker was killed at the scene. His vehicle had an Israeli license plate and a knife was also found on his person.
  4. Late Tuesday evening, two Palestinian terrorists stabbed an IDF soldier near Beit Hashalom in Hebron on Tuesday night, lightly wounding him, before a fellow soldier managed to shoot and kill both of the assailants.

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On one hand, it feels like the attacks have died down, but on the other we still see days full of attacks. Israelis are trying to return to their normal life, but it seems like they can’t quite get there because the violence continues to flare up every few days. We ask for continued prayers for the people of Israel, especially soldiers and security forces, and guidance for the leaders making important security decisions. We pray God’s sovereign peace and justice over this nation and all her inhabitants.




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