EU Double-Crosses Israel, Breaks International Law

A leaked document from Brussels revealed top secret European Union plans to undercut Israeli control of Area C (according to the Oslo Accords) through duplicitous “building projects” meant to boost Palestinian quality of living. According to a report by the Jerusalem Post, this EU plot was meant to increase Palestinian population in Area C centers in Judea and Samaria and create bad press for Israel. Ultimately, the goal was to give Palestinian residents a greater claim to the territory and to quell Jewish connections to the areas.

This action comes in direct conflict with the Oslo Accords, which designated Areas A, B, and C in Judea and Samaria (differing levels of Israeli vs. Palestinian governance) and which the European Union claims to follow strictly in their policies on Israeli action in Judea and Samaria.

Over 40 members of Knesset have signed a letter to the EU, protesting this insidious corruption of international law.

Please pray for an immediate cessation in the execution of this plan. Please pray for a just international response. And let’s offer thanks that this scheme was revealed in time!

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