Empty Threats

It was definitely unsettling to hear Abbas’ threats earlier this week, not to mention a PLO committee’s recommendation to stop the security coordination with Israel in all its forms and to cease recognition of Israel until it cancels its annexation of east Jerusalem and stops settlement activity among other things. Fortunately for Israel in this situation, Abbas (the one responsible for enacting or rejecting recommendations from the PLO committee) may threaten, but in reality security coordination with Israel has only gotten stronger this week and it doesn’t look like Israel will cease to be a state regardless of whether or not the Oslo Accords remain in tact. For those of you who need reminding or simply didn’t know, the Oslo Accords marked the point in history where the PLO first agreed to give up its terrorist tactics and its refusal to recognize Israel in any boundaries and, for the first time, acknowledged Israel as a nation with a right to exist. It goes without saying that a return to the reality before the Oslo Accords (as basically recommended by the PLO committee) would lead to an extremely volatile reality in Judea and Samaria. As we continue in the coming days and weeks, please join us in praying for God’s wisdom for Israel’s leaders as well as all of Israel’s allies, who will need to address the threats of the PLO in a way that is life-giving and truly good for those innocent people living in the Judea and Samaria region who are currently victims of the corrupt and unelected Palestinian Authority.

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