Elections Results

With 92% of votes counted, it looks like PM Netanyahu’s party, Likud, is the winner. However, there is doubt that Netanyahu will be able to form a government with the remaining parties. Because Israel’s government is parliamentary, the elected party must promise high-ranking positions to members from other parties in order to get them to sit in the government. This is when the “backroom” deals happen and negotiations take place. The most surprising result came from Mansour Abbas’ small Islamist party, Ra’am, which secured 4 seats. Abbas’s victory makes him an unlikely kingmaker as neither political bloc appears it can form a government without his party. This deadlock leaves the country facing the prospect of an unprecedented fifth election in two years. Please pray that against all odds, we will have a new Knesset without needing fifth elections! Please also pray for the Israeli people who are tired and weary from the political circus we have endured the past two years. We know that “The king’s heart is in the hand of the LORD…” (Proverbs 21:1a) and we trust in God’s goodness!

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