Earthquake’s Shockwaves Rattle Israel

Many Israelis felt a 5.8 magnitude earthquake that originated off the coast of a Greek island on Tuesday morning. The tremor’s epicenter is reportedly in the eastern Mediterranean, just off the coast of Karpathos, Greece. While no damage was reported in Israel, it is a reminder that this part of the world is not immune to earthquakes, and Israelis need to be prepared. Most buildings in Israel are made of cement construction, which tend to hold up well in earthquakes. Israelis also have the advantage of steel-enforced concrete safety rooms, which can be very protective during an earthquake. However, a tsunami is a real threat to Israel’s coastal region in the even of a strong earthquake in the Mediterranean. Please pray that Israelis will learn effective earthquake preparedness strategies. Please also pray that we will take the threat of earthquakes and tsunamis seriously, and prepare accordingly. Lastly, please continue to pray for the safety of all Israelis from natural disasters.

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