Duma Case

Emotions are high in recent days in Israel surrounding the Duma case. In July of this year, a tragic terror attack took place in an Arab village called Duma where masked Jewish extremists threw molotov rockets inside the house of an Arab family setting the house on fire. The attack left three members of this family killed, the father, mother and their infant child. The aftermath of this tragedy left the Arab community in an uproar and they have been calling for justice ever since. The authorities involved in this case have been searching for the suspects for several months. Recently, the Shin Bet made arrests of a few young boys that are considered suspects in this case. Riots have broke out in Jerusalem this week protesting the treatment and elongated detention of these boys. Last night there was another ‘price tag’ attack on an Arab home, mostly likely as a result of the heightened tension surrounding the Duma case. Please pray for the family whose home was attacked last night and specifically for all of the sensitive issues surrounding the Duma case. We pray for complete justice to be found and for wisdom for the authorities involved.

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