Discord Between Israeli Left and Right Aggravated by Election Talks and Recent Violence

The past weeks have marked a notable rise in angry rhetoric between Israeli left and right, sometimes escalating to physical violence. There have been several terror attacks in recent months, but in some ways more disturbing is the violence by Israelis against Israelis. The most widely publicized incident occurred in Hebron over the weekend, when left-wing activists began provoking several Israeli soldiers who were standing guard nearby. According to one of the soldiers, the provocation including spitting, name-calling and political incitement. The exact play-by-play is unclear, but the Israeli soldiers, from the combat Givati Brigade, eventually attacked the left-wing political activists, punching them, and putting one into a chokehold. The soldiers involved in the attack were suspended from active duty pending inquiry, and IDF Commander in Chief Aviv Kochavi condemned the use of violence. Israel is in desperate need of unity! Please pray for unity in the new government. Please pray for unity on an individual level between Israelis. Lastly, please pray for wisdom for Israel’s military and political leaders to handle this situation and others like it with understanding and justice.

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