Debate over Finance Minister Could Determine Status of Government

As Israel’s newest government was sworn in a week ago, they pushed through a new law allowing Aryeh Deri to take the post of Finance Minister in the new government, despite his suspended prison sentence. Ironically, the Finance Ministry is the site of Deri’s previous crimes, which included tax fraud.

This morning, a panel of 13 justices from the Israeli Supreme Court have convened to review the new law’s legitimacy. Police have barricaded the entrances to the Knesset and Supreme Court seats in central Jerusalem to prevent the approach of the angry protesters who have surrounded both buildings.

Israel is wedged between the metaphorical rock and hard place, because while allowing a criminal to serve as a government minister is hardly an ideal situation, the most probable alternative would be to return to the polls.

This is a situation where it is hard to imagine a truly positive outcome. Please pray firstly that God’s will be done in this situation! Secondly, please pray for wisdom and objectivity for the panel of justices. Lastly, please pray that whatever the outcome, it will come peacefully!

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