Day 79 – 15 Bereaved Families in One Weekend

During continued fighting throughout the Gaza Strip, IDF forces found a significant weapons cache inside a civilian building located next to a school and medical clinic. Shockingly, among the weapons found in the cache were child-sized suicide vests. These raise the possibility that the organization has used or was planning to use child soldiers, a clear war crime under international law.

Tragically, 14 soldiers have fallen in combat in the Gaza Strip since Friday morning.

An additional soldier was sadly killed on Friday by Hizballah fire during operational activity in northern Israel. A second soldier was also injured by Hizballah fire. The situation in the north continues to escalate and authorities closed roads and communities in the area to civilian traffic this morning.

Two additional attacks occurred over the weekend against international shipping. In the southern Red Sea, US forces shot down four attack drones shot by the Yemenite Houthi rebel group. Additionally, a cargo vessel sailing in the Indian Ocean and headed for India was hit by an attack drone from Iran. Following the attack, Iran stated that additional shipping routes would soon be closed.

Additionally, information has surfaced regarding an anti-Israel bias on the popular social media platform “TikTok.” According to the report, TikTok refused to run ads calling for the release of hostages in Gaza, saying they were too “political.” However, they simultaneously agreed to run ads featuring Palestinians in Gaza.

Please pray for comfort for the families of the fallen soldiers. Please pray for protection over Israeli soldiers and civilians on all of Israel’s fronts. Lastly, please pray for de-escalation with Hizballah and the Houthis.

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