“Day of Disruption” Follows Controversial Knesset Vote

Tuesday morning, protesters against the judicial reform blocked key junctions in Haifa, Tel Aviv and Jerusalem by setting up tents on the highways. The protesters are clashing with police forces who have so far arrested 42. The day’s main protest is planned for 4pm outside of Ben Gurion International Airport’s departures terminal. The airport released a statement saying it was prepared for the protest and would minimize the disruption for travelers as much as possible.

The demonstrations, dubbed the “Day of Disruption,” are in response to controversial legislation passed by the Knesset on Monday and intended to rein in the use of the “reasonableness clause.” This Supreme Court mechanism allows the SC to review legislation deemed “extremely unreasonable.”

In this issue of judicial reform, Israel’s incredible diversity is both a blessing and a curse, since many Israelis from different backgrounds have little in common with each other. It is a deeply personal issue, and the lack of common ground makes it much harder to find compromise and trust – especially when both sides of the argument claim to be defending the same founding principles of the Jewish State.

On both sides, the arguments are the same arguments, the slogans the same slogans, but the polarization continues to grow. Adding to the conflict is the fact that few political leaders seem open to genuine dialogue on the subject. It is truly a tragic and frustrating situation.

Please pray for safety for protesters and police officers throughout Tuesday, especially at the airport. Please pray for Israelis from all walks of life to seek reconciliation and compromise. Lastly, please continue to pray for Israel’s security in the face of this serious internal crisis.

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