Day 96 – Hostages Face Imminent Mortality

Around a third of the hostages remaining in Gaza are estimated to be in imminent danger, according to an Israeli report, which looked at the health history of the hostages. Among the hostages are those who suffer from Crohn’s Disease, cancer, Celiac and chronic hypertension, among other conditions, all of which can be life-threatening without the correct treatment.

The IDF eliminated three commanders belonging to Hamas and Hizballah this week who were based in southern Lebanon and Syria.

Tragically, 10 soldiers have fallen in the fighting in Gaza since Sunday afternoon, most of them in one tragic incident during which combat engineering soldiers entered a booby-trapped terror tunnel in central Gaza. The tunnels are one of Hamas’ last strongholds in Gaza; destroying them is one of the IDF’s most significant tasks in the war.

On the Eilat front, the Houthis launched their largest attack to date Tuesday night, firing over 20 drones and missiles – including one ballistic missile – during a shipping rush through the Red Sea. The US central command reported that all the attacks were neutralized without causing harm to property or injuries to crew members.

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken landed in Israel on Monday for further meetings with Israeli officials. Prior to his Israel trip, Blinken visited the neighboring Kingdom of Jordan, where he met with King Abdullah.

Please pray for the health of the hostages and for their immediate release! Please pray for restored deterrence against Hizballah and the Houthis. Lastly, please pray for comfort for the families, friends and teammates of the fallen IDF soldiers.

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