Day 87 – New Year’s “Fireworks” from Hamas

The Gregorian New Year began for hundreds of thousands of Israelis with rocket sirens which sounded in Sderot directly at midnight and shortly thereafter throughout central and southern Israel, including in Beer Sheva, Tel Aviv and Modiin.

According to British and American news sources, the two countries, as well as possibly an additional unspecified European nation, are discussing a direct strike against Houthi facilities in Yemen or the Red Sea area.

Following a drone attack launched by Islamic militant groups based in Iraq and Syria last week, the umbrella of small terrorist organizations took responsibility late Sunday night for an additional drone attack from Syria which was downed over the Golan Heights by an Israeli fighter jet.

Two security guards were injured late Sunday night in a stabbing terrorist attack in Mishor Adummim, an Israeli community just outside Jerusalem. The two, who were injured mildly to moderately, were evacuated for medical care and the terrorist was eliminated.

A new bill proposed by members of the Turkish coalition would freeze assets of dual Israeli-Turkish citizens in the country and prevent them from buying property. This proposal is accompanied by Turkish stores refusing to serve Jews, and ironically also comes with significant propaganda equating Israel and Jewish people with the Nazis.

Please pray for deterrence against Iran, Hizballah, the Houthis and additional terror groups. Please pray that the new year brings lasting peace to Israel. Lastly, please pray against rising anti-Semitism throughout the world.

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