Day 86 – NYT Recognizes Oct 7 Sexual Violence

After nearly three months of silence and doubt regarding Hamas’ documented use of extreme sexual violence against women, both Israeli and international, on October 7th, the New York Times finally published an article this week detailing the horrific crimes committed by the terrorist organization during the massacre.

Tension within Israel’s government was highlighted over the weekend when Israel’s defense minister as well as an additional prominent minister and party head chose not to attend a press conference held by the prime minister. Additionally, according to an Arabic-language report, an Egyptian delegation arrived in Tel Aviv briefly to discuss the war’s end.

In northern Gaza, IDF forces located and destroyed targets located in a kindergarten. According to the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit, the terror assets were placed in the kindergarten recently, in anticipation of the IDF’s movements in the area.

Two additional two attacks have occurred in the Red Sea since Friday.

American and French delegations are set to land in Israel and afterwards Lebanon this week, as part of a continuing effort to enforce a UN resolution under which Hizballah must maintain distance from the Israeli border.

Over the weekend, pro-Palestinian protesters shouted “Allahu Akhbar” – Arabic for “God is great, but often used in the context of terror attacks – outside the World Trade Center in New York City. The location is no accident.

Please pray for growing international recognition of Hamas’ crimes against women on October 7th. Please pray for unity within Israel’s government. Lastly, please pray for an immediate de-escalation from Hizballah and the Houthis.

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