Day 82 – Escalation in Northern Israel

Tragically, a soldier who was injured days ago by a Hizballah anti-tank missile succumbed to his injuries today. A rocket fired from Lebanon hit a church in a Christian village in northern Israel yesterday, seriously injuring an elderly resident.

The IDF was called to the scene to rescue the injured civilian but were caught by an additional rocket barrage from Lebanon which wounded nine of the soldiers, one seriously. Today, 18 rockets were identified in one Hizballah barrage alone, and around 100,000 Israelis have evacuated the area since October 7th.

The IDF found and published proof of Hamas’ abuse of the largest hospital in the northern Gaza Strip, the Indonesian Hospital. Not only did they find weapons, but a car belonging to one of the hostages was located in the hospital grounds with bloodstains on it. The IDF also found terror tunnels with shafts adjacent to the hospital.

Yesterday afternoon, a bomb was detonated outside the Israeli embassy in New Delhi. A threatening letter addressed to the ambassador was found wrapped in an Israeli flag near the site, and authorities quickly held Iran responsible for the incident.

Please pray for healing for the injured Israeli civilian and soldiers. Please continue to pray for a de-escalation on Israel’s northern border. Lastly, please pray for safety for Israelis outside of Israel who face heightened risks now as well.

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