Day 80 – Israeli Youth March for Hostages’ Release

Monday morning, Israeli youth from communities in the Gaza periphery area – including Kfar Aza, which suffered one of the hardest attacks from Hamas on October 7th – continued the second day of their over 60km march from the “Hostages’ Square” in Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. The group will finish their march on Thursday in front of the Knesset building.

Hamas today rejected an additional deal proposed by Egypt and backed by Qatar. According to the Egyptian proposal, all hostages would be released, and Hamas would agree to elections in the Gaza Strip in exchange for a full Israeli withdrawal. Hamas and fellow terror organization Palestinian Islamic Jihad both refused the offer and repeated their demand for a ceasefire as a precondition for continued negotiations on the hostages’ release.

Tragically, three IDF soldiers fell in combat in Gaza yesterday, and their families have been notified.

On Israel’s southern-most front, the Houthis issued a new threat that any country who takes part in the US-led international Red Sea defense coalition will be considered a target. In the north, many roads and communities will be closed to outside civilian traffic until further notice. This is in response to Hizballah’s continued missile attacks on northern Israel.

Please pray for the safe return of ALL the hostages still held in Gaza! Please pray for continued protection over Israeli soldiers and civilians on all of Israel’s fronts. Lastly, please pray for a de-escalation with Hizballah and the Houthis.

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