Day 76 – Heavy Rocket Barrage on Northern Israel

Several heavy rocket barrages have fallen on northern Israeli communities today, injuring two Israelis, damaging buildings and setting a car on fire. Some of the roads in the area have been closed for the safety of the residents.

Hamas also fired several heavy barrages towards Israeli civilian communities in central and southern Israel today, with rocket shrapnel falling on numerous populated areas, including school property in three municipalities of central Israel.

The IDF has uncovered and cleared a massive complex under one of Gaza City’s most affluent neighborhoods built for the use and protection of high-ranking Hamas leadership. During fighting in the area, around 600 terrorists were eliminated.

The stand-off in the Red Sea continues to grow in complexity and tension. As the US prepares to deploy its new international defense coalition to the area, the Houthi rebels told Arab news sources that they had additional military capabilities which have yet to be “unveiled”.

Please pray for safety for soldiers and civilians under rocket attacks from Hizballah and Hamas. Please pray for continued operational advances for the IDF in Gaza. Lastly, please pray for an immediate de-escalation on Israel’s northern and southern fronts.

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