Day 66 – Hamas Rocket Hits Civilian Town

During a heavy rocket barrage from Hamas towards central Israel this afternoon, a rocket scored a direct hit in the civilian city of Holon, destroying several cars and causing a crater in the street. One Israeli man was mildly to moderately injured in the barrage. Seven rocket interceptions were also reported in the area of Sderot today, although thankfully no injuries or damage was reported.

Additionally, this morning (Monday) 16 missile interceptions were reported in the area of one town in northern Israel. In general, Israel’s northern front has experienced a major escalation in recent days.

Meanwhile, inside Gaza, video footage revealed a shocking discovery by IDF soldiers who entered a UN school in Gaza which was being used by Hamas. Inside a classroom the soldiers found a giant teddy bear – and sewed into the teddy’s stuffing was a sniper rifle and box of ammunition.

Internationally, as the UN and other continue to condemn Israel, the newly-elected president of Argentina, a staunch supporter of Israel, met this week with families of the hostages remaining in Gaza, including one family with dual Argentinian-Israeli citizenship and called for the immediate and unconditional release of all remaining hostages in Gaza.

Please pray for healing for the man injured in Hamas rocket fire this morning. Please pray for protection over Israeli soldiers and civilians, especially in northern and southern Israel. Lastly, please continue to pray against a further escalation by Hizballah.

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