Day 65 – Hamas Fires Rockets from Humanitarian Zone

In its latest example of psychological terror against Israel, Hamas released a video showing the body of Sahar Baruch, a 25-year-old Israeli who was kidnapped alive on October 7th, and claimed that he was killed in an Israeli mission to rescue hostages. Sadly, Israel confirmed Sahar’s death. Despite Hamas’ horrific claim, it was the terror organization itself who likely murdered Sahar.

Hamas continues to fire rockets towards Israeli civilian communities, often from within protected humanitarian areas, as reported by the IDF. This includes the most recent barrage towards Tel Aviv on Friday.

As Israel continues to tighten its hold on the Gaza Strip, dozens of Hamas terrorists have surrendered to Israeli forces, a sign that Hamas is falling apart from within.

Two Israeli soldiers were seriously injured by Hizballah missiles over the weekend, while five more soldiers were lightly to moderately injured Sunday by additional Hizballah barrages. Israel continues to target Hizballah targets in southern Lebanon.

The United States vetoed a UN Security Council resolution this week which called for an immediate ceasefire between Israel and Hamas. The US veto shows the US’ continued support of Israel in the war against Hamas.

Please pray for healing for the injured soldiers. Please pray for comfort for the family of Sahar Baruch. Lastly, please pray for continued operational success for the IDF in Gaza.

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