Day 61 – Remembering Why Israel is at War

Hamas still refuses to allow the Red Cross to visit 138 innocent men, women and children who remain in captivity. Many of them are wounded or not receiving daily medicines that they require. Rescuing the hostages has been one of the IDF’s central goals in entering Gaza since day one. Another goal is to establish security for residents of the Gaza Envelope, many of whom will not return to live so close to Hamas.

Since Israel is a small country, many of the soldiers in combat are reserve soldiers with wives and children at home. And despite the fact that their loved ones are in danger, the people of Israel realize the importance of destroying Hamas, for the sake of the hostages, and in order that the next generation can grow up in safety.

Israel continues to face continued rocket attacks from Gaza, Lebanon and Syria and Yemen. Today, an Israeli man was injured by shrapnel from a Hamas rocket in southern Israel. Israeli air defenses today downed a missile fired from Yemen. And Hizballah continues to fire missiles towards northern Israel, including Kiryat Shmona and Mt. Hermon today.

In Gaza, IDF soldiers continue to fight and destroy terror assets, including dozens of rockets hidden near a school. During operational duty in Judea and Samaria, soldiers found a tunnel shaft similar to those used by Hamas in Gaza. In the north, the IDF continues to target Hizballah terror assets in response to barrages from Lebanon.

Please continue to pray for the safe return of ALL the hostages. Please pray for protection over Israeli soldiers and civilians as well as for healing for the injured and the returned hostages.

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