Day 59 – Heavy Fighting Continues in Gaza

The IDF continues to operate in northern Gaza while calling for residents of parts of southern Gaza to evacuate to designated safe zones. Overnight, IDF soldiers eliminated over 200 terror assets in the northern Strip, including two terror tunnels located in a school, one of which was booby-trapped. Tragically, three more IDF soldiers fell in combat in Gaza yesterday.

The Houthis fired missiles on three cargo ships in the Red Sea simultaneously last night, again claiming that the ships were connected to Israel. One of the ships, owned by a British company, was in danger of sinking after the attack. US destroyers also downed several drones headed in their direction as they responded to one ship’s SOS call. Following the incident, the US said they are considering the correct response.

3 Israeli soldiers were injured overnight on the Lebanese border as Hizballah continues to fire towards Israel and Israel responds with artillery fire and air strikes. Additional barrages from Lebanon were identified this morning.

Hamas continues to fire towards Israeli civilian communities, including a heavy barrage today during school hours. Shrapnel from one rocket fell on a school in central Israel. Rockets were also fired towards Beer Sheva.

Before a major soccer/football match yesterday in Argentina, the commentator, whose aunt was held hostage, called for the return of all the hostages, specifically highlighting two sets of brothers who remain in captivity.

Please continue to pray for the safe release of ALL the hostages. Please pray for healing for injured soldiers and civilians as well as the released hostages. Lastly, please continue to pray against the expansion of the conflict by the Houthis.

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