Day 55 – 3 Killed, 11 Injured in Terror Attack

This morning (Thursday), just before 8:00am, two terrorists arrived at a bus stop on the outskirts of Jerusalem and opened fire on the innocent Israelis there from point-blank range. Three people were murdered, including a pregnant woman, and at least eleven more injured to varying degrees. The terrorists, both of whom identified with Hamas and had previous criminal records, were neutralized onsite by soldiers and an armed civilian. A second attack, during which two soldiers were injured, occurred only a few hours later.

The ceasefire was once again extended on Thursday following intense negotiations, and ten Israeli hostages are set to be released today, two of whom are already back in Israel. Yesterday, the sixth day of the ceasefire, 12 Israelis were released along with 4 Thai citizens. All of them were transferred to Israeli hospitals for medical evaluation.

Spain made headlines for its anti-Israel stance for the second time this week when Spanish Prime Minister Sanchez criticized Israel’s campaign in Gaza as “disproportionate” and accused IDF soldiers, after visiting the Rafiah Crossing into Egypt, of shooting indiscriminately. In response, the Spanish ambassador to Israel was summoned and Israel’s ambassador to Spain was briefly called home to discuss the situation. For background, a little over a week ago, the same PM appointed an open supporter of Hamas to a key government position.

Please pray for healing for the injured and comfort for the families of the murdered Israelis. Please continue to pray for the safe return of ALL the hostages and for their recovery once they’ve returned. Lastly, please continue to pray for international support for Israel and condemnation of Hamas.

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